Maksim Karalevich

Human⇌computer interactions and systems for tools and products.

Now · Platform design and design system development for an all-in-one fintech startup based in NY.

Rho Business Banking

Design processes, user experience and design system development(In-House · Principal Product Designer)

User experience research, definition and development of interaction models for a smartphone device.

Google Pixel UI

Interaction and interface research, verification of concepts(Non-public · Senior Product Designer)

Also, Garage II Triennial, w/ @slitrobo:

Future Architecture Rooms:

Systematization of OS interactions, analysis of high-traffic areas, rapid interaction prototyping for leading smartphone manufacturer.

OnePlus Oxygen OS

A series of improvements for high-traffic areas.(Non-public · Senior Product Designer)

Xsolla, Inc

A design system update for a game platform(Product Design Consultant)

RILL is a work in progress (2016–now). It encapsulates most of my interests: knowledge, science, education, systems. It’s moving rather slowly.

Rill—Common Connections

An open platform interconnecting environmental events(Founder)

Perfect Number

An e-store for LA-based fashion startup(Consultant)

The New Normal

An interactive narrative for a research program(Digital Art Director)

Disrupt the(m)all

An online experience for a research project(Digital Art Director)

Constructor KB

An architectural competition publisher system(Digital Art Director)

Advanced Urban Design

Landing for an international program(Digital Art Director)

Strelka Institute

Website redesign of the school(Digital Art Director)

Last updated ✳︎ 2022-02-08