Maksim Karalevich

Human⇌computer interactions and systems for tools and products.

Now · Platform design and design system development for an all-in-one fintech startup based in NY.

Rho Business Banking

Design processes, user experience and design system development

(In-House · Principal Product Designer)

User experience research, definition and development of interaction models for a smartphone device.

Google Pixel UI

Interaction and interface research, verification of concepts

(Senior Product Designer)

Systematization of OS interactions, analysis of high-traffic areas, rapid interaction prototyping for leading smartphone manufacturer.

OnePlus Oxygen OS

A series of improvements for high-traffic areas.

(Senior Product Designer)

RILL is a work in progress (2016–now). It encapsulates most of my interests: knowledge, science, education, systems. It’s moving rather slowly.

Productive times at @strelkaschool (2015–18). AD, digital image. S/O @kulachek, @exah, @valyafetisov, and many others.

Last updated ✳︎ 2022-10-02

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