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Products are no longer competitive without thoughtful experience. I offer practical guidance for early-stage tech companies who are looking to improve design function to make it a key differentiator on the market.

For founders

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    Design strategy for your current needs

    Receive strategic advice to address your design challenges and prioritize effectively.

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    Hiring & team composition

    Hire right people at the right time who will support your mission and won't burn your runway.

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    User experience audit

    Get comprehensive evaluation of your product's user experience to address areas of improvement.

For design leaders

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    Design process

    Integrate design with other functions, ensure effective collaboration across distributed teams.

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    Research program

    Learn how to gather customer feedback to receive practical insights and guide design decisions.

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    Design system

    Build strong design system foundation that scales, gain knowledge about technical implementation.


2010 – Now


For the past decade, I've worked with software companies at various stages, from inception to enterprise. I strive to find balance between urgency and long-term vision, practicality and delight—common challenges in fast-paced settings.


Share your top challenges. Our partnership will take the most optimal form for you.

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