Xsolla, Inc

Systematizing and developing a design system for an indie game publishing platform during the major redesign.

Design system improvement, user flow prototyping, user interface
2019. Art direction Wednesday Studio, development Xsolla, Inc.
Product Design Consultant
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Headquartered in Los Angeles, Xsolla is a video game industry company, providing game developers and publishers with payment, billing, distribution, and marketing tools.


Due to rapid service growth and newcomers' requests, a design system had to face new challenges and become more flexible.


Updated design system allows Xsolla to create a consistent interface across many services, simplify design team collaboration and maintenance of the platform.

Style guide

Vibrant colors and gradients follow the gaming spirit and are used to inform UI element states and media placeholders. The guide includes a wide typography scale to correctly structure information in the interface. Different elevation levels distinguish the working areas of the application.


There is a big range of layouts to accommodate complex information throughout the application, but all of them share the same principles defined in the guide to create a consistent experience.


There are over 250 components with states of various complexity for controls, selectors, navigation, tables, to name a few. A storybook can be found at uikit.xsolla.com.

Service design

Using a developed design system, it was possible to rapidly assemble logic and screens for user flows of a Publisher account.

Launcher configuration map
Launcher configuration map