(Updated 20.08.13)

(Project)A web application that helps interconnect environmental events and track updates on a given subject in a specific region. The platform unites a wide audience of researchers by building connections between topics they study. The public part of the platform gives everyone the ability to discover and follow topics of interest.



(Service)Platform design, user experience, user interface

Rill—Common Connections

An open platform interconnecting environmental events


Platform is based on the following concept: (a) Researchers create nodes by describing a specific event that happened or is happening in a specific area. (b) Nodes are connected by researchers using causal relationships. The result is a network of events, where each event can be represented in two states: as cause, or as effect.

Network view

For non-researchers, the platform provides a possibility to discover subjects of interest, find trusted sources of information, subscribe for updates in your region, or follow subjects.

Globe view

For more information please visit platform's website. You can also follow updates by subscribing to the newsletter.

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(Updated 20.08.13)