Rill—Common Connections

A web application that helps interconnect environmental events and track updates on a given subject in a specific region. The platform unites a wide audience of researchers by building connections between topics they study. The public part of the platform gives everyone the ability to discover and follow topics of interest.

Platform design, user experience, user interface, prototyping
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Platform is based on the following concept: (a) Researchers create nodes by describing a specific event that happened or is happening in a specific area. (b) Nodes are connected by researchers using causal relationships. The result is a network of events, where each event can be represented in two states: as cause, or as effect.



The preparatory work required an analysis of the audiences involved, interviews with researchers, and the study of problem categories. The current stage is data collection and testing.


Node and User attributes
Node and User attributes

Prior the interface development stage, the functionality of each entity of the platform was analyzed. Such a map makes it easy to navigate through numerous attributes during prototype development.


Network view
Network view
Globe view
Globe view

For non-researchers, the platform provides a possibility to discover subjects of interest, find trusted sources of information, subscribe for updates in your region, or follow subjects. For more information please visit platform's website. You can also follow updates by subscribing to the newsletter.


At this stage of the project, the audience for the landing page is predominantly researchers. The page answers questions "For whom", "How it works", provides answers to the immediate questions, indicates the stage of the project, and asks for contribution.