(Updated 2020.09.30)

(Project)The platform helps self-directed learners of a young age to meet, chat and share their education programs with others, or join programs of their interest. It provides simple tools to organize and manage courses for small groups.



(Service)Identity, platform design, user experience, user interface

Four Flowers School

A personalized learning platform for self‑directed learners


User experience research

The platform allows you to publish courses, leave a request for a course, as well as become a facilitator after successfully completing the course. The platform's approach to copyright goes towards an open source model, which provides new ways of studying. This requires additional attention to possible states of the courses and user roles.

Breaking down the platform into entities, looking into its attributes and actions
Looking at system reactions to user actions
Prototyping key user journeys

Landing and visual design

The purpose of the landing page consists of three aspects.

  • To briefly talk about the project, without going into details of the specific mechanisms of the platform, since they are under development and are changing.
  • To reflect the values of the future community through aesthetics: the platform should not look like another big-tech startup—it is lightweight and focused.
  • To have a gathering point for a community that is actively developing on a social network.

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(Updated 2020.09.30)