Constructor KB

A flexible system that simplifies the launch of architectural competitions at Strelka KB using preinstalled tools.

+ Credits
2015, Strelka Studio. Web development, concept by Valya Fetisov (CTO), branding by OK-RM
UX prototyping, user interface, visual design


  • Optimize launch of competitions
  • Quickly create typical sites for competitions
  • Collect competition materials in one place
  • Collect applications and export data.

The editor's interface is divided into logical stages of the competition. Thus, functionality that is not required at a particular stage can be removed.

Admin panel: competition stages, participants, FAQ

System provides full control of competition stages. All changes are immediately displayed on public pages.

Public pages can be customized with various components, fonts and colour schemes

News update modal window

Animation shows public pages in action

Components of a site builder

The participant gets access to all the necessary materials for each stage of the competition separately. After the stage has been completed, access to it is limited. With this logic, the participant gets only up-to-date information within the iterface.

Building blocks of admin panel