Our conversation with Matthew Manos is published on HOW Magazine.
Karalevich.com is published on SiteInspire and CSSDSGN.
Looking for projects in Los Angeles. Keywords: agency, startup, in‑house, product, UX, UI, visual. 👋☕️
Interview on the process of The New Normal at Strelka Magazine.
The New Normal is published on SiteInspire and Hover States.
Finished work on The New Normal, education programme at Strelka Institute led by Benjamin H. Bratton.
Started work on full redesign of Strelka Institute’s website. The project is coming in 2018.
"The 3D-animated journey through mesmerising graphite landscapes". —The Calvert Journal.
An animated music video On and On created for a musician Jekka was first premiered on the Calvert Journal.
Disrupt the(m)all was developed for Strelka student field trip to South Korea that explores the future of the shopping mall.
Hybrid Urbanism: admissions website 2015/16 is published on SiteInspire and Hover States. Final projects is published on SiteInspire.
Started working at Strelka Institute. As a Digital Art Director, I lead the development of all the digital products, from concepts to implementation.
Joined ONY agency, where developed Norilsk Film, an interactive web-documentary.
Entered the doors of the first agency and later in 2012 was invited to another one—Agente Studio, as UX/UI Designer. We're still friends.
Began my professional career. After starting off in print, soon moved to the digital space.
8 years ago